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Energy Action Plan will be endorsed at 2011 Spring Council


Yesterday’s Energy Council call for an Energy Action Plan 2011-2020 to be adopted by the European Council as early as March 2011 is “an important signal that EU decision makers are serious about reaching the 2020 targets and thinking beyond 2020,” said Christian Kjaer, Chief Executive of the European Wind Energy Association.

“If the EU is to exploit the huge amount of renewable energy resources available, particularly wind energy, action needs to be taken in five key areas by the Energy Action Plan 2011 – 2020: building a European offshore power grid; improving competition in the internal electricity market; building new electricity infrastructures and smart grids; increasing R&D spending on wind power technology; and effectively implementing the 2009 Renewable Energy Directive,” he continued.

“If these key areas are tackled properly by the new strategy, then the EU will be on its way to having developed a renewable energy economy by 2050,” Kjaer concluded.

“It is essential that the Energy Action plan be agreed by next March – otherwise precious time will be lost, and action that needs to be taken urgently will be delayed. The last thing we need in the fight against climate change, and in building strong renewable energy industries, is procrastination.”   

Read the Energy Council Conclusions.


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