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Energy and climate to dominate European Council agenda


Tomorrow, energy will top the agenda when EU Heads of State meet in Brussels to discuss a new European strategy for jobs and growth, and to follow-up on the failed Copenhagen conference on climate change.

The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) urges the Council to adopt vitally important energy commitments in the proposed ‘2020 strategy’ that would bring Europe jobs, reduced dependence and spending on imported fossil fuels, and cheaper electricity as well as helping reduce the risk of catastrophic climate change.   

“The European Commission proposal in the 2020 strategy to create a European electricity supergrid and a properly functioning European market in electricity would bring enormous economic and environmental benefits to Europe and its citizens” said Bruce Douglas, Chief Operating Officer of EWEA. “A single European grid and real competition in the European power market are essential elements, not only for the integration of large-scale wind power and other renewables, but also to ensure that European consumers have affordable and domestically produced electricity.” 

“Without a supergrid and a European electricity market it will be very hard to achieve Europe’s renewable energy and CO₂ emission reduction targets” he added. “It is encouraging that the proposed strategy recognises the need to make progress both on the physical infrastructure and competitive energy market.” 

EWEA also urges the European Council to continue to press for binding emissions cuts in UN climate negotiations and to increase the European emissions reduction target to 30%.  

“EU leaders should move towards a 30% reduction of CO₂ emissions by 2020 because it is in Europe best economic interests,” said Douglas. Europe is a world leader in wind and other renewable energies and a strong signal from governments will show that there is no turning back in the move away from polluting, imported and increasingly expensive fossil fuels.” 

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