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Suzlon’s Tulsi Tanti: industry can push climate change action


We cannot always rely on the government to find solutions to problems such as climate change, Suzlon Managing Director Tulsi Tanti told Wind Directions magazine recently. Instead, all the stakeholders need to work together and come up with innovative solutions, one example of which might be a global carbon tax on those who can afford it, to pay for investment in renewable energies, he suggested.

Tanti, who was speaking just after the Copenhagen climate summit (COP15) came to a disappointing end, pointed out that the future emissions potential from developing nations is huge and no doubt needs to be curbed, but the cost needs to be shared by the world community. He added that it was unrealistic to expect development to slow down.

In terms of wind energy, Tanti believes COP15 provided the sector with an excellent opportunity for growth and if the global community can come to an ambitious, binding agreement, this could help drive the industry. And the industry can help in this fight by thinking smart, thinking laterally and providing realistic solutions that serve our needs, he said.

Read the full interview and more in the latest issue of Wind Directions

Sarah Azau, Editor


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