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100% renewables in 2050 will create thousands of new jobs


The European Renewable Energy Council (EREC) has set out a vision on how Europe can reach 100% renewable energy by 2050, creating thousands of new jobs in the process. According to the report, by 2020 the renewable energy sector in Europe will employ a total of more than 2.7 million people, rising to 4.4 million jobs in 2030 and 6.1 million by 2050.

“The potential benefits of a future based on renewable energy are multiple: mitigating climate change, ensuring energy security and creating sustainable future-orientated jobs,” Arthouros Zervos, President of EREC, said.

The climate stands to benefit hugely from this boom in renewable energy. By 2050 the EU would be able to reduce its energy related CO2 emissions by more than 90%, resulting in a CO2-cost saving of around €3,800 billion.

Zervos says that investments in renewable now, means big savings later: “Higher upfront investment in renewable energy does pay off in the long run as the capital investment costs will be outweighed by the avoided fossil fuel and CO2 costs.”

According to Zervos, the future of renewables hinges not on the actual availability of climate-saving technologies such as wind power (which is already in plentiful and growing supply), but on the level of political engagement. “A 100% renewable economy is one where the benefits greatly outweigh the costs, be it in economic terms or in social terms, and the renewable industry is ready to prove it,” he said.

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