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Plain sailing? Wind Directions investigates


From the Ancient Egyptians setting out on their narrow boats to a modern family spending an afternoon tinkering with a raft, the sea has long been navigated by humans. But more and more often over the last twenty years, sailors have found themselves sharing the waters with wind turbines.

The latest issue of Wind Directions investigates how seafarers perceive offshore wind farms and how they can use them to enhance the boating experience.

In fact, certain sailing clubs, such as the Danish Royal Yacht Club in Copenhagen already organise races near wind farms, which can serve as useful navigation points.

Indeed, given that sailors spend a lot of their time out in the elements, many of them are already strongly in favour of wind energy and the multitude of environmental benefits it brings.

“I have rarely heard any negative comment in relation to the wind farm, turbines or the possibility of additional turbines,” said Eoin Quinn, Commodore of a sailing club in Ireland based near the seven-turbine Arklow offshore farm. He added that most members of his club find wind farms “a better alternative to traditional fossil fuel power generation.”

Read the full article in the latest issue of Wind Directions

Sarah Azau, Editor


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