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Renewable revolution launched at COP


16 December

“We are on the cusp of something as dramatic as the IT revolution”  said Christopher Flavin at a climate summit side event to launch “Renewable Revolution”, a new report by the Worldwatch Institute Report.

“We can literally change the world energy system”, explained Worldwatch Institute chairman Flavin whose report advocates “unleashing the full potential of energy efficiency in concert with renewable energy resources.”

Flavin told the launch meeting that renewable energy could account for 50% of global electricity by 2030, but EWEA CEO Christian Kjaer said Europe should aim for 100% of electricity from renewable by 2050.

‘ET meets IT’ is a phrase used by American internet giant Google to describe their belief that energy and information technology combined can deliver massive energy efficiency in our homes. As a company that admits it is a ‘reasonably sized user of’ electricity, and with a commitment to tackling climate change, Google has a strong interest in renewable energy and energy efficiency working much more strongly together.  

Less surprisingly the International Energy Agency also underlined that efficiency and renewables go hand in hand.    




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