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Wind to power the cars of the future


15 December

We already know about the potential of wind as a large-scale and emission-free producer of electricity. But how about wind power and electric cars?

Jens Moberg, CEO of Better Place, is a committed and convincing advocate of a future in which we can cut our dependence on burning fossil fuels and continue to enjoy the comfort of our cars.

He took the chance to communicate his enthusiasm at a side event in the climate summit today.

The idea is relatively simple: electric cars charged at charging stations when the car is idle (which the average car is for about 22 hours every day) whether at home, at work and in places where cars are parked for a long time such as airports and railway stations. They can also be charged at night when demand for electricity is low, but when the wind is still blowing and capable of generating plenty of power.

A recharged battery will last 160km; 95% of car journeys are well under 160km.

The electric car is a better experience than today’s models says Moberg – they are silent but with the same performance and speed of conventional petrol-powered cars.



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