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Wind Energy can meet 65% of tabled 2020 emissions reductions


15 December

Against the backdrop of the ongoing climate negotiations in Copenhagen, the Global Wind Energy Council today released calculations showing that wind energy alone could achieve up to 65% of the emissions reductions pledges by industrialised countries. 

The calculations were released on a press conference at the Bella Centre, where Nick Nuttall, Spokesman, UNEP, Steve Sawyer, Secretary General, GWEC, Han Junliang, CEO, Sinovel and Tulsi Tanti, Chairman, Suzlon participated in the panel. Emmissions reductions of at least 25-40% below 1990 levels are required to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

With wind energy and other clean energy technologies that are available now, this and more can be achieved. According to GWEC, global wind energy alone could contribute 34% of a 25% emissions reduction and 21% of a 40% emissions reduction. 

The GWEC document also outlines emissions reductions potentials from wind power in Europe, the US, India and China, concluding that wind power, if properly deployed, can take all of these regions a big step towards reaching their climate goals. 

“The wind energy sector stands ready to contribute a total of 10 bn tons of CO₂ reductions by 2020,” said Steve Sawyer. “Industrialised countries can and must review their pledges for reduction targets and raise them very substantially, as well as assisting developing countries’ often ambitious programmes to decarbonise their electricity systems with both public finance and private investment through the carbon markets.” 


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