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Feature: Wind farm with world's biggest turbines opens in Belgium


The world’s first wind park with giant and powerful 7 MW wind turbines has just opened in Estinnes, Belgium. Andris Piebalgs, European Commissioner for Energy who attended the opening on 25 November, said: “Estinnes is a milestone on our ambitious road to sustainable energy.”

Situated near the town of Mons, in Wallonia, the Enercon E-126 wind turbines are the largest turbines ever put into operation to produce electricity. These technologically advanced models are among the most efficient turbines in the world.

Nicolas Fichaux, head of policy analysis at the European Wind Energy Association, said that the fact that these turbines have been installed on European soil shows that Europe still has the “technological lead” in the wind industry.

A 198m-high crane – one of the world’s largest – was used to install the turbines.

The wind farm was co-financed by the European Commission with up to €3.3 million from the 7th Framework Programme. “The European Commission is committed to support the wind industry in achieving its 2020 renewable energy targets,” the Commission said.


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