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Members’ survey: Wind sector optimistic about growth


Wind energy growth rates for 2015 should fit with EWEA’s 2020 target of 230 GW, according to the newly-published results of EWEA’s 2009 Membership Survey. Manufacturers and developers reveal in the survey that they expect growth of several times their current company size in the next few years. The average wind farm installed by EWEA members in 2008 was just below 20 MW.

“These results confirm that our installed capacity target for 2020 is realistic and achievable and that the wind industry is flourishing”, said Nicolas Fichaux, Head of Policy Analysis at EWEA. “Indeed, our targets are traditionally conservative, so it is very possible that we will reach 230 GW early.”

The results also confirm that the wind energy sector creates significant amounts of employment, especially in manufacturing and technology. The industry is also R&D intensive, and research is often carried out in close collaboration with the industry.

The Membership Survey was carried out between April and June 2009 based on 2008 installations.

The survey was divided into two parts: one for industry (response rate 10.8%), and one for research (response rate 16.3%).

“The aim of the survey is to provide our members with the most accurate and up-to date information on their sector”, explained Fichaux. “For this first edition, the response rate was low, which we expected as the survey is a new product. We expect to get a higher response rate in the following years as members become more familiar with the tool and its benefits for them.”

For more on the survey and its results, log into the Members’ Lounge on www.ewea.org.


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