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Grid regulators consultation: EWEA urges quick development of pilot grid code for wind


Europe’s grid regulators are right to plan a focus on power market liberalisation, security of supply and climate change next year, says EWEA.

The Association responded to the grid regulators’ (ERGEG) public consultation on their 2010 work programme by welcoming the more restricted approach proposed. ERGEG plans to centre its activities next year on just seven key areas of work.

“There are elements of ERGEG’s seven topics which are crucial for wind energy, such as the proposed “pilot code” for wind generation and the pilot 10-year grid development plan”, said Paul Wilczek, EWEA Regulatory Affairs Advisor. “EWEA encourages the regulators to actively help this process along.”

The regulators’ advice on the pilot code for wind and the 10 year plan is seen by EWEA as vital for overcoming planning barriers and other issues that hamper the development of renewables. In its response to the consultation, EWEA points out that a fair European grid would bring about savings in balancing and system operation costs and enable a functioning single power market.

EWEA also supports ERGEG’s regional initiatives to promote intra-day power trading with as short gate closure times as possible in seven different regions. This helps grid operators have a much more accurate idea of how much wind power is available at any one time.

“EWEA will take part actively in all consultations and hearings on the aspects of ERGEG’s work that concern the wind industry”, says Wilczek.


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