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Brussels in brief, WW200911

Commission recommends smart meter timeline by 2010


A recently published European Commission Recommendation sets out the ways in which Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) can help facilitate the path to an energy-efficient, renewable energy economy. A key step would be the use of smart meters and smart grids enabling customers to control and reduce their power consumption based on the spot price.

In line with this, the document recommends that the sector agree on a “common minimal functional specification for smart metering” by 2010 and a “coherent timeline” for the rollout of smart metering” by 2010.

“Smart meters and smart grids would boost renewable energy because they allow consumers to modify their consumption according to electricity price fluctuations, facilitating the use of demand side management by the grid operator”, explained Paul Wilczek, EWEA Regulatory Affairs Advisor.

The Recommendation also encourages the ICT industry to commit to targets for reducing its own emissions, estimating it could cut them by 15% by 2020, and recommending that the sector sets more ambitious targets than the EU’s 2020 goals for 2015. The ICT sector currently produces 2% of EU emissions.


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