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Feature: Spain reaches new wind record


Wind energy in Spain reached a new record last night, providing at its peak 45.1% of Spain’s total electricity demand – 2.1% greater than the previous record set in November last year.

Spanish electricity grid, Red Eléctrica, said that today’s record is a first since it was sustained over several hours during last night.  Between 00.40 and 06.20 on 5 November wind met over 40% of electricity demand.

“There have been several peaks over 40% in Spain, but this new one – lasting nearly six hours compared to around one hour the previous time - shows the huge part that wind can play in meeting  Spain’s electricity demand,” Jacopo Moccia, regulatory affairs adviser for EWEA said.

The surge in wind energy last night triggered water pumping stations which transport water into reservoirs. This store of water will then be released over the day generating electricity via water turbines at times of peak demand.

The Spanish Wind Energy Association said the sustained peak in wind powered electricity production proves that “wind energy is no longer marginal”. By 2020 Spain is expected to double its wind-power producing capacity from the current level of 16 gigawatts to 40 GW. “With this expected growth in capacity we could envisage wind meeting the vast majority of demand during times of peak supply by 2020,” Moccia said.

On average throughout the year, wind energy meets 12% of Spain’s electricity demand.

For more information: http://www.aeeolica.es/prensa_actualidad.php?ID_ACTUALIDAD=4648


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