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Hundreds declare their support for offshore wind at industry’s biggest ever event


Representatives of more than 250 companies have shown their support for offshore wind by signing EWEA's Offshore Wind Declaration in the last few weeks, and many more are signing up every day. In the declaration, the industry pledges to make it possible to tap Europe's largest energy source, and calls on national governments and the EU to give the necessary political and legislative support.

Over 4,800 people attended the most popular edition ever of the world’s largest offshore wind event in Stockholm from 14-16 September, where the declaration was launched alongside EWEA’s new offshore report.

“The size of the conference and the number of people signing the declaration are proof that offshore’s huge potential and benefits are widely recognised”, said Arthouros Zervos, President of EWEA.

“I fully expect that as long as governments continue to support the sector and make sure there is an efficient transnational grid system in place to funnel a huge amount of wind power into Europe, offshore wind will one day be as successful as onshore wind.”

All delegates will have received a link to the conference proceedings. If you did not attend the conference but would like to see the proceedings, please email Frédérique at [email protected].

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