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Koru Foundation launches “carbon compensation” scheme at EWEA conference


Renewable energy charity the Koru Foundation has launched a new scheme to help companies and individuals address their carbon footprint. The scheme, called Carbon Compensation, has been set up as an alternative to carbon offsetting and allows people to directly support renewable energy projects in developing countries.

Delegates attending the European Offshore Wind 2009 Conference and Exhibition taking place in Stockholm in September will be invited to compensate for the emissions generated by their travel to the event by contributing to the scheme.

Unlike conventional carbon offsetting schemes, Koru guarantees that 100% of the money received will go directly to the projects, and none of it will be siphoned off in costly verification fees or in profits.

Koru’s renewable energy projects are designed to maximise the development benefits and increase a community’s ability to adapt to the impacts of climate change. While all of the technologies used are low carbon, the main aim of the projects is to improve the lives of poor people rather than cut carbon emissions. They improve access to health care, education and create new employment opportunities.

Projects include a micro hydro station completed earlier this year in rural Peru which provides electricity to 60 families and replaces expensive and unhealthy fuels like paraffin and diesel; or a micro-wind and solar hybrid system which not only provides electricity to households, but also powers a pump to supply clean drinking water to the village of Cajiniquil in central Nicaragua.

“Many people are uncomfortable with carbon offsetting, but want to do something about their carbon footprint,” said Keith Tyrell, director of the charity. “Poor people in developing countries are likely to be hardest hit by climate change, yet they have contributed the least to it. Carbon compensation allows companies and individuals to support projects that help those communities to adapt to climate change and climb out of poverty.”

The Koru Foundation is the chosen charity of EWEA and was set up to allow the renewable energy industry to support sustainable energy projects that reduce poverty and tackle climate change.

If you are interested in finding out more about our carbon compensation scheme please visit the Koru Foundation website at www.korufoundation.org


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