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New project to assess grid and administrative barriers to wind energy


A new EU-funded project, coordinated by EWEA, will examine the grid and administrative barriers that often impede new wind energy projects. The project, known as Windbarriers, runs from December 2008 to November 2010. During that time, the project consortium will gather lead times for onshore and offshore projects installed in the EU in the last 12 months via a survey. The information will include the timeframe for getting the necessary permits, the costs linked to the process, the number of actions involved and the success and failure rate of the applications. Based on this information, the consortium will draw up recommendations for each Member State.

“The aim of Windbarriers is to raise the awareness of decisions-makers at local, national and European level of how best to tackle common grid and administrative barriers”, explained Dorina Iuga, EWEA’s coordinator of the project. “As part of the project, we will organise workshops in five different EU countries to disseminate our knowledge and recommendations”.

For more information, see www.windbarriers.eu.


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