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New offshore grid project underway


EWEA is participating in a new European Commission-funded project focusing on the offshore electricity grid. The project, which is running from May 2009 to October 2011, will draw up a selection of blueprints for an offshore grid in the Baltic and North Seas. It will also outline a regulatory framework for offshore grids that takes technical, economic, policy and regulatory elements into account. The project’s official title is “Regulatory Framework for Offshore Grids and Power Markets in Europe: Techno-economic Assessment of Different Design Options”, and it is known for short as “OffshoreGrid”.

Among its other tasks, the OffshoreGrid project consortium will calculate expenses and the return on investment for TSOs and other potential developers of offshore transmission infrastructure, as well as for policy makers and regulators. It will also examine the interaction of different design drivers for an offshore grid and the associated costs and interaction of power prices, market design and energy economic parameters in a market comprising the regions around the Baltic and North Sea. The results will later be transferred to the Mediterranean region.

The project group will work closely together with the policy-makers, TSOs, regulators and others who would be the main stakeholders in a future offshore grid. To do this, it will organise various stakeholder workshops, the first of which will take place at the European Offshore Wind Conference 2009 in Stockholm from 14 – 16 September.


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