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A plethora of publications


EWEA has recently launched a whole variety of reports.

Wind Energy – The Facts
‘Wind Energy – The Facts’ is widely considered to be the most important wind energy reference in the world. It presents a detailed overview of the wind energy sector, with the most up-to-date and in-depth information on the essential issues concerning wind power today.

This new edition of the ‘Wind Energy - The Facts’ publication includes chapters on technology, grid integration, industry and markets, environmental impacts, scenarios and targets, and the economics of wind.

All the chapters of the ‘Wind Energy – The Facts’ publication are available for download on the dedicated website: www.wind-energy-the-facts.org.

The Economics of Wind Energy
Every financial and economic aspect of wind energy is presented and analysed in this new report, from the very basic cost of wind energy as it leaves the farm to the effect large amounts of wind energy in the electric system have on the power price. It considers the way wind energy is financed through support schemes, the extra investment risks that need to be covered, how wind’s external benefits can be weighted and how it should be economically compared to electricity production from fossil fuels.

Wind Integration - Developing Europe’s Power Market for the Large Scale Integration of Wind Power
To what extent could large-scale wind power integration benefit from a reinforcement of the interconnections between European Member States? Which power market designs can ensure a cost-effective integration of wind power at EU level? The EU-funded TradeWind project investigates these and other questions relating to wind energy and the power grid and its findings are presented in this new report.

The key wind energy figures and data are covered in this series of factsheets, which present the current status of each of the most important areas of wind energy with a useful graph or two and EWEA’s objectives. The topics covered are statistics, economics, employment, offshore, research and development, the climate and grids.

All publications are available for download on www.ewea.org.


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