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The Wind Day goes global: new website and photo competition launched


The European Wind Day is going global in 2009. On 15 June five continents will be united by events, conferences, parties and contests celebrating and promoting this clean, infinite, no-fuel energy source. To initiate the six month run-up to the event, a wind energy themed photo contest and an all-new website are being launched today.

Last June, over 90,000 citizens joined in with activities taking place across 20 EU countries, from painting competitions for children to energy workshops, organized during the 2008 European Wind Day. 185 wind farms opened their doors for family and information days. A complete report on the 2008 European Wind Day can be downloaded here.

This year, EWEA is joining together with the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) to coordinate the Wind Day. “ Wind energy already delivers electricity to millions of people around the world”, said Christian Kjaer, EWEA Chief Executive, “but to fully exploit this available technology more people must be made aware of the huge benefits it offers: energy independence, CO 2 savings, avoided fuel costs, green jobs and many others”.

Steve Sawyer , Secretary General of GWEC added that “wind energy has taken off in many countries around the world, so the time has come to roll out the Wind Day to become a global event. We have to stand united in promoting wind energy to combat climate change and to meet growing energy demand. While the challenges differ from market to market, the wind industry everywhere needs the support of local authorities, communities and citizens to fully exploit worldwide wind resources, and the Wind Day is a great way to raise awareness.”

The new website, www.globalwindday.org, provides information about the campaign and the network of wind energy associations, industry actors and stakeholders that will be organising public events on 15 June.

In partnership with Fotki and Samsung, and supported by National Geographic, the Global Wind Day will feature a wind energy photo contest. The competition is open to everyone who can show us the technology as it has never been seen before.

The two winners will be awarded a GX-20 and a NV9 camera, kindly offered by Samsung. A selection of images will be exhibited during the Wind Day, with the photographers receiving Wind Day gifts.Visit the Global Wind Energy Photo Contest website to find out more, and remember the deadline of 30 April 2009!


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