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ARE press Release: the Alliance encourages EU development ministers to foster decentralized power generation with renewable energies


Today EU development ministers meet in Prague to talk about access to local sustainable energy sources. The Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) welcomes the initiative of the Czech EU Presidency to give access to energy a high priority on the EU development agenda.

Despite various international initiatives and programs electrification progresses very slowly. In sub saharan Africa less than 10 % of the rural population has access to electricity. Worldwide more than 1,6 billion people live without electricity. ARE encourages EU development ministers and partner countries to step up efforts to bring electricity to remote areas.


Renewable energy (solar, wind, small hydro power) lends itself for decentralized power generation. It is cost effective, reliable and environmental friendly and most developing countries offer excellent natural conditions for renewable energyAlliance for Rural electrification underlines the following key recommendations:

  • Developing countries should establish long term strategies renewable energy and electrification.
  • These strategies should entail framework conditions which spur private investment in renewable energy.
  • The choice between grid-extension and decentralised renewable energy solutions should be based on a comprehensive life-cycle cost analysis which factors in environmental and health aspects.
  • Electrification projects must entail financing and support schemes which safeguard the sustainable operations of the energy systems installed.
  • These support schemes must cover training for local technicians and consumers, availability of spare parts and financial resources for operations and maintenance.
  • Risks for renewable energy companies which invest in developing countries should be mitigated by guarantee schemes from the international donor community.
  • There should be a close dialogue between the private sector and those who shape energy policy in developing countries.


The Alliance for Rural Electrification is an international organisation whichpromotes renewable energy in developing countries. Its members are companies and institutions from the renewable energy sector. ARE is based in Brussels.

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