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EWEA's Opinion

EWEA's opinion


The International Energy Agency’s recent report on the European Union’s climate change and energy portfolio recognises that the 27 Member States have chosen a more efficient, sustainable and affordable future.

IEA Executive Director Nobuo Tanaka called the EU a world leader in beginning to mitigate the effects of global warming through ambitious proposals on climate change and energy policies.

He also said that the way Europe produces and uses energy will be transformed if the proposed regulations are successfully implemented.

The European Wind Energy Association appreciates Tanaka’s comments and believes they show how non-polluting, renewable energy sources such as wind power can be an important part of that transformation.

EWEA is also pleased that Tanaka fully supports efforts to liberalise energy markets by making access to existing transmission grids easier, more transparent and cheaper for wind-farm operators. Tanaka noted that the European Council has agreed to adopt the proposals by the end of the year.

However, Tanaka said the EU must greatly increase its overall R&D funding in order to effectively deal with the environmental and energy problems the world is facing. He called for R&D funding for non-nuclear energy, which includes wind power, to be increased significantly.

Wind power in Europe and around the world is now a proven technology that can deliver a local, reliable, affordable, environmentally-friendly source of electricity.

As a growing industry, we are ready to do our part to provide power to current and future generations. As Tanaka indicated, however, it is now up to elected European leaders to help us do that job and realise our full potential.

15 September 2008


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