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Public consultation on the Second Strategic Energy Review


The Strategic Energy Review is a strategic exercise conducted by the European Commission. The communication ‘Energy policy for Europe’ was issued in 2007. This document provided the priorities of the European Commission for the next two years, announcing the currently ongoing Strategic Energy Technology Plan, for example.

On June 2008, the draft 18-month programme of the Council was published, announcing the Second Action Plan on Energy Policy for Europe (2010-2012). This document will be prepared in the light of the European Council's examination of the forthcoming Strategic Energy Review in Spring 2009. The ongoing public consultation on the Second Strategic Energy Review is therefore of crucial importance (closing 10 September 2008).

The Review will come at a strategic moment in the context of the implementation of the 20% target for renewables, the launch of the Strategic Energy Technology Plan and the upcoming FP7 review. Moreover, it will set the priorities for the new European Commission as well as the new European Parliament and its corresponding Committees.


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