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BB200606, News in Brief

IEA's NEET Initiative to boost energy technology networks worldwide


New York was the scene on 3 May for the launch of a new IEA initiative: Networks of Expertise in Energy Technology (NEET). Conceived in response to a call from G8 leaders for more productive international partnerships for energy technology information exchange, IEA 's NEET Initiative is set to play a catalytic role in optimising worldwide technology collaboration.

It links existing energy R&D networks, brings together policy-makers and stakeholders from the financial, business, research and other key sectors, in both IEA countries and major energy-consuming non-IEA emerging economies. The NEET Initiative is scheduling joint energy technology co-operation workshops in various countries between now and the end of2008. These events will build on the wide-ranging energy technology expertise of the IEA’s 40 international collaborative R&D programmes and enjoy support from the Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Partnership and other likeminded groups. Visit IEA 's Web site for the programme and presentations from 3 May NEET launch, on the margins of the 14th session of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development.


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