“Despite the financial crisis, the fundamentals of our industry are very sound. The economic stimulus packages being considered need to be worked out with our industry this year to make sure we get the vital green revolution the planet needs.”
Piers Guy,
Nuon Renewables

“In reference to the financial crisis, keep calm and carry on.”
Dr. Hans Duivenvoorden,

“The political attractiveness of wind is because it hedges against future electricity prices, creates jobs and reduces CO2.”
Peter Brun,

“What the supply chain needs are long-term
mechanisms to ensure confidence and stability.”
Ian Mays,

“We need sustainable wind turbine components - higher quality at lower costs.”
Per Hornung Pederson,


“We have now finally managed to integrate renewable energy into mainstream EU energy policy. It’s embedded in all the major policies.”
Hans Van Steen, European Commission

“The wind energy industry has taken off and there’s unparalleled political support but the banks are starving us of fuel.”
Steve Sawyer, Global Wind Energy Council

“Unlike investments like property or shipping, there’s nothing wrong with renewable energy. It still provides stable income, so that should put it ahead when the recovery comes.”
Nikolai Ulrich, HSH Nordbank

“Banks should be investing in renewables at the current time because they are a stable investment.”
Christopher Knowles, European Investment Bank

“We have a great wind regime, the second best potential in Europe… The target looks impressive, but history has shown that these ambitious goals can be achieved.”
Charles Dugué, France Energie Eolienne

“We have a tradition that we can always do more than the German government thinks.”
Hermann Albers, Bundesverband WindEnergie e.V.


“This is a critical time for the world and for everyone who is committed to wind energy. We are making great progress…And this is only the beginning; the potential is huge…Europe can count on wind power.”
Roland Sundén, Conference Chair and CEO, LM Glasfiber

“Just like the rest of the world, Europe is faced withnew challenges from climate change.”
Marcin Korolec, Secretary of State, Ministry of Economy, Poland

“Fossil fuels are simply running out…The financialcrisis did not remove the threat of climate change… Wind energy has definitely become a driving force for our economies…I’m convinced Europe is able to change this [financial crisis] into a huge chance for everybody.”
Mechtild Rothe, Vice President, European Parliament

“This [financial] crisis should not stop us from investing in the future. We have to invest now…This recession could be an opportunity…Wind energy is a vital part of our portfolio.”
Nobuo Tanaka, Executive Director, International Energy Agency

“The French [wind] market today is one of the most dynamic in Europe…Wind energy is seen very positively by a large majority of the public.”
Jean-Louis Bal, Director or Renewable Energies, ADEME

“With wind power we are looking at the future.”
Chantal Jouanno, President of the French Agency for Environment

“France is very lucky and is well-equipped in wind resources…Our country is one of the countries that is best placed to have an effective wind farm capacity.”
Andre Antolini, President, French Renewable Energy Association

“We need to take strong action now. Everyone knows that climate change is a global issue…Wind energy can make a significant contribution…Wind energy’s becoming mainstream and will be even more so in the years to come.”
Andris Piebalgs, European Energy Commissioner

“The wind power industry has experienced remarkable growth in the past several years…The future of the wind industry sits on a very firm foundation… Wind energy is not a luxury but a necessity…We need certainty in uncertain times and that is what wind power delivers.”
Arthouros Zervos, President, EWEA

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