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Exhibitor Interview

with Felix Losada, Deputy Head of Corporate Communication, Nordex

What does Nordex get out of its presence at big exhibitions like EWEC?

When we go to big exhibitions we normally have several targets that we aim to achieve. The most important is to make contact with customers from new countries, for instance in Europe from emerging markets like Poland and Turkey. The second is to intensify our contact with our established customers, which means networking, talking about existing projects and of course looking for new contracts. Thirdly we look to make contacts with new component suppliers, who generally come and visit us and offer us their products. And finally thereís the aspect of human resources, which means that potential new employees come to visit our stand.

How did you find EWEC 2008 in Brussels? 

For us it was a very successful event, even though it was smaller than some. EWEC is a pan-European event and for us one of the most important events each year. We really get the target group, everybody who visits our stand is 100% from the wind business, whether a planning bureau or a utility, so you really meet all the people you need to. You save time, because everybody is there, and the visitors save time because they have the possibility to see all the main component suppliers and manufacturers all in the same place. They donít have to travel or make a lot of appointments spread over a couple of months. They can meet everybody there in a couple of days. We consider EWEC to offer the best return on investment for an exhibition.

How does an exhibition compare for you with other marketing methods? 

Itís the best method we have because you get in direct contact with the customer. You can discuss in face to face communication all aspects of new or existing projects. This is not possible to do by phone or brochures or presentations. You can explain, get into a deep conversation and discuss all aspects of a project. The customer can also see that you have the expertise, so for both sides itís much more valuable.

What was your thinking about having a more prominent presence at EWEC 2009 in Marseille?

First of all itís taking place in France, which is a very important market for Nordex. We also think that Marseille will show the importance of the wind business to all the countries of the Mediterranean, including North Africa. But of course there will still be customers from the rest of Europe, as well as China and the US. Nowadays EWEC is not just focused on the European market but has a global reach.

How do you decide between the mass of renewables exhibitions on offer? 

Nordex is well presented at many of these events, but some of them are a ďmustĒ for us, and EWEC comes first. Thatís because itís a proper conference, with information on innovation and technology, and it has an exhibition as well. Other fairs have tried to do the same thing, but theyíre really just exhibitions.

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