The Gateway to Obama's Stimulus Package and the North American Wind Energy Market

Monday 16 March 2009, 15:30 – 17:00

‘Gyptis’ room (Palais de Arts, Parc Chanot)

Maryland has committed to a 20% Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) by 2022.

This seminar provided detailed information on the Maryland wind energy market potential and industry, trade, investment and technology partnership opportunities related to the implementation of in-state generation of clean energy to meet Maryland’s progressive RPS. This year, the State expects initial utility scale installation of on-shore wind energy, and as Maryland has a larger coastline than California, the off-shore wind-energy potential provides corresponding opportunities.

Maryland’s State and local governments can’t ‘save’ their way out the current recession, but they must ‘invest’ their way out. Maryland’s expected piece of the anticipated Federal ‘investment’ package could be $6-7 billion.

Thanks to this seminar, participants

  • have learned how Maryland is aligned to receive block grants from President Obama’s stimulus package and understand the expected impact on the state’s renewable energy.

  • have gained insight into the resources that Maryland provides for European companies seeking entry to the North American Market.

  • have discovered the state’s “smart, green and growing” initiative that keeps its workforce current.

  • have gained understanding for the importance that Maryland places on public/private partnerships through its new and unique Clean Energy Center.

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