The role of community-scale renewables in developing countries

Wednesday 18 March 2009, 14:00 – 16:00

‘Gyptis’ room (Palais de Arts, Parc Chanot)

This side event explored the role that micro- and small-scale renewables can play in addressing energy poverty in developing countries. It featured presentations from a panel of experts including individuals from the academic, NGO and business worlds which looked at the technical and economic potential of different renewable technologies in poor communities and discuss the obstacles and opportunities they present.

Topics addressed include:

  • How widely are micro-renewables currently being used in developing countries and what are the prospects for growth?

  • First-hand experience of the practicalities of implementing projects in remote and challenging environments.

  • How to identify the most appropriate technology and match it to a community’s energy needs?

  • Is there a business case for micro-renewables and what economic opportunities do these rapidly growing countries present?


About the Koru Foundation

The Koru Foundation is the chosen charity of both the European Wind Energy Association and the British Wind Energy Association. It works in partnership with the renewable energy industry to support small-scale, community-managed renewable energy projects that tackle both energy poverty and climate change in the developing world. Find out more by visiting The Foundation’s website at

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