EADS & Bordeaux region

Innovative & reliable wind rotor blades

Tuesday 17 March 10:30-13:00

‘Gyptis’ room (Palais de Arts, Parc Chanot)

This side event provided an overview of a French global offer for high performance design, manufacturing & supply located in the Bordeaux region. The two leading companies in high performance composite structures, EADS Astrium & EADS Composites Aquitaine, have come together to develop and produce new composite wind turbine blades.

The wealth of experience gained in their core-business (aeronautics & space) as well as in other industrial fields (such as off -shore and transportation) is today more and more applicable to wind turbine blades due to their increasing size, but also due to the request of an increased reliability.

This new venture is fully supported by the Region of Bordeaux, which is located in the heart of the « European Atlantic market » for wind energy, in the middle of the UK, France, Spain, Portugal and North Africa, and which also has a wide expertise in composite structures development (from research to industrial products). Moreover, the location enables the development of a manufacturing plant close to the Gironde river, thus being an advantage for shipping the blades by sea.

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