Workshop dinner at Malmö City Hall
9 December 2014

Malmö City Hall

Malmö City Hall

Participants at EWEA events are looking for excellent networking opportunities as well as the highest quality content. In addition to extended breaks, lunches and drinks receptions, Malmö City is kindly hosting the workshop dinner for all participants on 9 December 2014 at Malmö City Hall, one of the main landmarks in Sweden’s third-largest city.

Malmö’s old City hall was built between 1544 and 1547, but underwent a number so transformations and improvements over the centuries. Whereas the basement still retains its 1500s style, with impressive barrel vaults, the upstairs interiors went through several modernisations and style adaptations until the late 19th century.

Hall of Knut

The Hall of Knut

The most impressive hall, the Knutssal (Hall of Knut), decorated with magnificent stuccos and shining chandeliers, is reminiscent of Versaille’s mirror hall.

The current facade in Dutch Renaissance style is actually an addition of the 1860s, which replaced a neoclassical facade from the earlier 1800s, in attempt to restore the original shape of the building.


Dinner at the Hall of Knut