Workshop objectives

Five sessions covering all aspects of wind power forecasting from commercial to scientific, finishing with a look into the future.

Lightning over turbine

Power generation (photo: R. Schwendemann, entrant, Photo Competition 2012)

The workshop started with a session setting scene by exploring end users’ requirements. This was followed by two more technical sessions looking into modelling both of the overall weather (used as input to the wind power forecast models) and the approaches to forecast the power output. The fourth session examined how to integrate forecasting into business processes, completing the end user’s view of wind power forecasting. The workshop concluded with a debate about the importance of forecasting in a future scenario of higher wind energy penetration. Programme and session chairs

The objectives of the workshop:

  • bring attendees up-to-date with current developments;
  • get a clear(er) view of what end users require;
  • understand how forecasting is integrated into the business processes;
  • begin to understand the future direction and application of forecasting in systems with a high penetration of wind;
  • facilitate the meeting of the various communities involved in forecasting.

Reasons to attend

Probabilistic forecast image

Probabilistic forecast of wind power vs measurements

The 150 attendees:

  • learnt from the high-quality presentations;
  • contributed during the ample time for questions and answers in each session;
  • discussed during the extended breaks, lunches, drinks reception and workshop dinner;
  • affected the future direction of wind power forecasting;
  • met all the key players in wind power forecasting.