Call for abstracts

The call for abstracts for EWEA’s technology workshop “Analysis of Operating Wind Farms 2014″ (9-10 December 2014, Malmö, Sweden) is now closed.

EWEA will inform all those who submitted an abstract if theirs was selected for presentation or not by beginning of July 2014. If you have any questions regarding your abstract please email [email protected]

Abstracts were invited for the sessions and topics listed below. Abstracts not approved for the sessions may still be retained for a poster presentation. Presentations and posters delivered at the workshop will be published in the online proceedings of the workshop on Selected presenters (oral or poster) will not be asked to submit a full-length paper, as only abstracts will be reviewed. Deadlines for submitting their drafts and final presentation will be communicated to presenters upon confirmation of their selection.

Note to students: to facilitate participation, EWEA will cover travel and accommodation expenses if the selected oral presentation is by a full-time student (e.g. PhD or similar).

Topic 1: Data from operating assets: monitoring and collection methodologies

Preferred abstracts should focus on:

  • Dealing with big data
  • How to use production data to improve WT performance in general
  • Lessons learned / case studies: what does big data tell us, what SCADA has been collected, how is it being used?

Topic 2: Post-construction yield analysis techniques

Preferred abstracts would ideally cover the following:

  • How to deal with big data
  • Innovative tools and techniques to analyse data
  • Data range: how much data do you need to have significant results? (e.g. are 6 months enough?)
  • Exposure corrections
  • Combining pre and post-construction yields
  • Lessons learned / case studies

Topic 3: Real-world power performance

Preferred abstracts would cover:

  • Methods for improving the prediction of turbine performance in the real world

Topic 4: Asset reporting: availability and other key metrics

Preferred abstracts would ideally cover:

  • Methodologies
  • Lessons learned / case studies: how to calculate availability

Topic 5: Turbine-by-turbine performance

Preferred abstracts would ideally cover:

  • Lessons learned / case studies: boosting performance without reducing life expectancy

Topic 6: How best to extend life expectancy?

Preferred abstracts would ideally cover:

  • Condition monitoring systems: return on investment?
  • Design certificate models: are they accurate enough to predict the behaviour of ageing turbines?
  • Predicting the remaining life of structural components and impacts on turbine
  • Identifying and monitoring representative turbines from an ageing fleet
  • Extending the life of turbines: which components should be reinforced to operate turbines for an extra 5-10 years without derating output?
  • Re-powering: run the turbine blindly until it breaks, or anticipate?
  • Lidars & other add-ons: does retrofitting make sense?
  • Retrofit or derate?

Topic 7: Innovative techniques for enhanced performance

Preferred abstracts would ideally cover:

  • Case studies / lessons learned: new technologies and techniques

Topic 8 : Impact of noise curtailment measures on wind farm operations

Abstracts covering the following issues will be preferred:

  • Modelling of the impact of such measures on wind farm performance and operations
  • Real-world case studies – optimisation of noise curtailment through active control
  • Permanent noise monitoring stations