TPWind: third energy event

24 September 

The Square,
Rue Coudenberg 3,
1000 Brussels,

TPWind is a permanent forum and network of EU wind energy R&D experts.
Launched in 2006 and funded by the European Commission since 2007, it published its Strategic Research Agenda, a list of wind energy R&D priorities, in 2008.

Since 2010, TPWind has been an essential implementing tool of the European Wind Initiative, a long-term, large-scale EU Programme for developing wind power with a total budget of €6bn for the 2010–2020 period.

Thanks to its effective representation of the EU wind energy sector, TPWind is now a key player in the European energy policy framework and an important stakeholder for EU and national funding authorities.

Funding wind energy in times of crisis

On 24 September, TPWind will hold its third energy event open to the public, focusing on funding wind power R&D and investments in times of crisis. This cross-sectoral conference, organised with the support of TPWind’s Advisory Board, will provide participants with an opportunity to discuss financing best practices and case studies, as well as relevant market and political developments, with key stakeholders from the wind power, finance and banking sectors.

The event also targets policy makers and any stakeholder involved in the allocation of public funds for wind energy projects, hence the involvement of the European Commission and European Investment Bank.

The conference will begin at 2 pm and will end at 6 pm. A networking cocktail will follow.

Download the final programme.


Registration is compulsory and free of charge for non-TPWind members (Platform members do not have to register), but limited to 100 participants. Registrations will be closed once this target is reached, so please register only if interested in attending.

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