02 October 

- 03 October

Offshore wind energy development in Poland may be crucial for the growth of the Polish economy. Obviously, the magnitude of benefits depends on the sector's growth rate. Reaching 6 GW of offshore wind capacity in 2025 will entail PLN 73.8 billion value added, PLN 14.9 billion of revenues for the public finance sector and avoid emission of approximately 40 million tonnes CO2 and related costs (approximately PLN 1.6 billion).

Investments in and operation of offshore wind farms coupled with orders in related industries will contribute to the creation of 31.8 thousand new jobs in the 2012 – 2025 period.

A crucial element of this year's edition of the Offshore Conference will be the presentation and promotion of the scientific and industrial potential of Poland; furthermore, we will present an analysis of the systemic environment, attempting to indicate potential areas to be changed, present benefits for the Polish economy and start a discussion concerning conflict areas.

If you want to do offshore business in Poland, come to the conference,

2-3.10.2013, Sopot, Poland, Sheraton Hotel.



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