TWENTIES is a grids project that looks into how to operate grid systems with large amounts of wind and other renewables. It is the largest renewable energy project ever funded by the EU.

Running time:

(April 2010 - September 2013)

This three-year project funded by the 7th Framework Programme develops 6 demonstrations  to help overcome obstacles to a larger integration of wind power. Twenties involves TSOs, EWEA and over 20 partners, with the Spanish system operator Red Electrica in the lead.

Project website:

Project presentations:

Robert Goodchild, DG Energy - New energy technologies, innovation and clean coal
Gonzalez Lopez, Red Electrica - Demos main results and achievements
Javier Garcia Gonzalez, Comillas-IIT - Economic impacts of the demonstrations, barriers towards scaling up and solutions
Paul Sorensen, Technical University of Denmark - Results on economic impact assessment and EU wide upscaling

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EWEA is now WindEurope

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