Wind power could provide up to 18% of global electricity demand by 2050

» By | Published 28 Oct 2013 |

Lillgrund offshore wind farmWind generation now meets a significant percentage of electrical demand globally  and last year the world added a record 44.8 gigawatts (GW) of wind power, bringing the total to more than 282.5 GW, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

In its annual report for 2012, the IEA said that the global wind power capacity now operating in 100 countries can provide more than 3% of the world’s electricity demand.

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Campaign replaces fiction with facts

» By | Published 24 Oct 2013 |

Think wind turbines cost too much taxpayer money? That the wind farm planned for the neighbourhood will bring down your house price? That you won’t be able to sleep for the noise?

The ‘Act on Facts’ campaign launched by Vestas in Australia in June 2013 and today, 24 October in Sweden, puts the facts on the table and exposes myths like those above for what they are through short videos and an information packed website:

“Wind energy projects are being put at risk by an increasingly organised and influential anti-wind

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67% of Brits favour local wind farms

» By | Published 11 Sep 2013 |

indexMore than two-thirds of UK citizens support building more wind farms in their immediate areas.

The poll, conducted by market research agency ComRes, also shows that only 33% of people support fracking in their area while just 31% of people support nuclear power.

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Romanian monks turn to wind energy

» By | Published 26 Aug 2013 |

You could call Father Iustin a pioneer. He installed a wind turbine long before the hundreds that you can now see from this hill appeared. He was the first monk in the Constanța region to power his monastery with renewable technology and now he gladly advises other monasteries to do the same.

“I like being a monk,” says Father Iustin Petre, one of the founders of the Casian Monastery in Romania. “It is free, no stress.”

It is quiet up here. Birds float on the wind over a landscape that would be at home in the Mediterranean. A small wind toy spins on a post and even the cats and dogs that inhabit every Romanian scene are friendlier.

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Hitting the jackpot with wind energy in Poland

» By | Published 19 Aug 2013 |

“We feel like we’ve won the lottery.”

Mirosława and Mieczysław Horodiuk sit on a couch in their living room, their aged cat stares through the window. Here in Kończewo in north western Poland a late spring snow has fallen, delaying the spring planting for this farming family. They rest easy knowing that summer will come and they now have a guaranteed income.

10 years ago a wind energy developer approached the Horodiuk family to rent part of their farmland for a wind turbine. They were sceptical about this opportunity. It would have been difficult for them to agree if they were on their own, but they had support.

The citizens of Kobylnica had been prepared for such an event. Leszek Kuliński, mayor of Kobylnica, became interested in wind turbines while on holiday in Denmark. (His wife complained that 80% of the photographs he took were of wind turbines.) Leszek wanted to bring this industry to Kobylnica. He travelled to Germany to research and to investigate if it was safe for the community. He returned determined to make his commune attractive to wind energy developers.

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