Breath of Fresh Air: Interview with Oliwia Mroz

» By | Published 15 Sep 2010 |

Oliwia Mroz, a wind energy enthusiast from Poland, has participated in EWEA’s campaign to get every turbine in Europe adopted. We caught up with her…

EWEA:   Would you like to see more wind energy in your region?

Oliwia: Of course! My area of Poland (North West) has excellent wind conditions, and it is mostly agricultural therefore it meets all conditions for wind farms. However, the main obstacles are complicated investment procedures and the lack of great financial instruments to support the development of wind energy.

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Hard Rain exhibition opens in Brussels

» By | Published 13 Sep 2010 |

D.Rodrigues / UNEP / Still Pictures

In the heart of the EU quarter in Brussels is a stunning new photography exhibition displaying the most harrowing images of climate change in our world today.

At the foot of the European Parliament in Place du Luxembourg, the 80-metre long exhibition designed by Mark Edwards is based on Bob Dylan’s prophetic song ‘A Hard Rain’s a-Gonna Fall’.

From birds covered in oil – the result of oil tanker or rig disasters, to barren land that was once pristine forest, there are images that are sure to make you sit up and think about the impact our modern, fossil-fuel and environmentally-damaging ways can have on our delicate planet. continue reading »


Greenpeace campaign for an energy revolution

» By | Published 25 Aug 2010 |

Echoing EWEA’s campaign to support wind energy, Greenpeace have launched a campaign calling on people to ‘give earth a hand’. See here for their video, and sign-up to their pledge for an energy revolution here.


Breath of Fresh Air: interview with Ricardo Vidal

» By | Published 12 Aug 2010 |

Ricardo Vidal, a wind energy fan from Portugal, is currently topping the voting league in EWEA’s campaign to get every turbine in Europe adopted. His turbine in Altdorf, northern Germany has received an impressive 346 votes putting him in good stead to win the competition to visit a wind farm. We caught up with him…

EWEA: Why do you support wind energy?

Vidal: I support wind energy because in my opinion all of us should give our own, even if small, contribution to a better world. A cleaner world where the environment has an important place in our society, and this way we can ensure that the world is a green and prosperous place to live in.

EWEA: What motivated you to adopt a turbine?

Vidal: First of all I wanted to be part of an interesting campaign with a common aim, and then I was attracted to the possibility to show and alert all my friends to the necessity of the place of wind energy in the world agenda.

EWEA: Where are you from and is there any wind energy in your area?

Vidal: I’m original from Portugal, a country where nearly 45% of electricity in the grid will come from renewable sources this year. Portugal has the third biggest ratio of wind energy produced per inhabitant in Europe, as well as being the fifth country in Europe for installed wind power capacity. continue reading »


EWEA at the Fête de l’Environnement, Brussels

» By | Published 07 Jun 2010 |

Despite a couple of heavy down-pours, the EWEA stand at the fête de l’environnement in Brussels on 6 June attracted plenty of people keen to learn more about wind energy and pick up a free mini windmill or packet of Frisk mints. The sun did definitely make an appearance, with Global Wind Day caps flying off the stand during the first half of the fête.

Visitors asked the EWEA team questions about the forthcoming Global Wind Day, and told us they were impressed to see the turbine blade in the middle of the rond point Schuman near Parc du Cinquantenaire in the EU quarter.

A 10-person wind instrument band, including an acrobat, made a special appearance, entertaining the crowd with songs including Bob Dylan’s famous ‘blowin’ in the wind’.

For those of you who missed out, be sure to see what’s happening near you this weekend and the following week for Global Wind Day!