Your last chance to visit the Global Wind Day photo exhibition…

» By | Published 26 Jun 2012 |

Brussels, the heart of European decision making where the EU’s movers and shakers live and work, is right now home to a photo exhibition displaying outstanding photos from the Global Wind Day photo competition.
If you are in Brussels, don’t miss your chance to see the exhibition on Place du Luxembourg just in front of the European Parliament, where the European crowd gathers for lunch and drinks after a hard day of work.
Budding and professional photographers alike were asked to capture wind energy in unique and inspiring ways. Come and admire the winning photos, and more pictures that we thought were beautifully shot and needed to be shown to a bigger audience, and learn something about wind energy too!
The exhibition is up and running until 29 June, on Place du Luxembourg, 1040 Brussels, but if you can’t make it, read about the winning photos here.


One day left until Global Wind Day!

» By | Published 14 Jun 2012 |

People at EWEA and GWEC can’t wait for Friday: finally Global Wind Day will be here! Each of the over 200 events worldwide is a reason for us to be happy, but we are particularly excited to finally be able to reveal the winners of the Global Wind Day photo competition ‘Wind in Mind’ on 15 June.

The competition invited photographers to let their imaginations take the lead and capture wind energy technology in dramatic and innovative new ways. We have been overwhelmed by the interest, the number of submissions and the quality of the pictures. On 15 June the Brussels Global Wind Day events will start: a photo exhibition will be open on Place du Luxembourg, just in front of the European Parliament, in the heart of the European quarter. Thousands of people will see the winning photos along with information on wind energy. The exhibition runs until 29 June.


Wind energy is on everyone’s mind

» By | Published 07 May 2012 |

Windpower Austria - Andreas Hafenscher

Global Wind Day on 15 June is getting closer and closer, and last weekend EWEA’s and GWEC’s international photo competition ‘Wind in Mind’ came to a close.

The interest and number of submissions has been overwhelming. All corners of the world are represented in the 2,100 photographs that were sent in from over 65 countries.


Abseiling Austrians start celebrating Global Wind Day

» By | Published 27 May 2011 |

All over the world wind energy enthusiasts are preparing for Global Wind Day on 15 June 2011. In Austria, activities have already started!

As the first of 15 events, brave journalists were able to abseil from an 86m high wind turbine run by the company Ökowind in St.Pölten-Oberwagram.


A Breath of fresh air in the Swiss mountains

» By | Published 01 Mar 2011 |

Blue skies, sunshine and the mountains of the Swiss Jura – perfect conditions for visiting a wind farm!

That’s what EWEA’s 17 year old Wiet van Hout from Belgium did last weekend when he collected his prize as one of the winners of the ‘Breath of Fresh Air – adopt a wind turbine’ competition: a trip to Switzerland including a wind farm visit on Mont Crosin. As EWEA’s Campaign Officer, I was lucky enough to go with him.

Sponsored by sol-E Suisse and accompanied by a competent guide, Wiet and his sister Bieke explored the visitors’ centre, the wind turbines from nearby and inside and used the opportunity to question the guide – and me! – about all aspects of wind energy.