What can corporations do to help our climate? Invest in renewables!

» By | Published 19 Mar 2013
Angelika Pullen

Angelika Pullen

By Angelika Pullen, WindMade

It was predictable, but still disappointing: The Doha climate negotiations confirmed that the multilateral process to save our climate has stalled. We are not likely to see much movement from governments for many years to come.

Unfortunately, though, the climate can’t wait for international negotiators to get their acts together. So, what can we do?

For our sector, it means that we have to press on with the renewable energy revolution regardless. Of course this will continue to be driven by national and regional targets and legislation, but I am convinced that companies and consumers can and must also make a contribution to drive demand for renewable energy.

People want to see change now, with or without a global deal – not just the increasing number of climate activists, but also your average man on the street. Poll after poll shows that people care, that they love renewables, and that they want to have a choice. It’s all about transparency.

Luckily, more and more companies also take their responsibility seriously, undertaking some (and often even considerable!) efforts to tread more lightly when it comes to carbon emissions. Switching to renewables is becoming one of the key tools in corporate strategies, but there is still a lack of understanding, not only of the environmental but also the economic benefits that these investments can bring in the long term.

This is where WindMade comes in. We are the voice for renewable energy in the corporate sustainability world, actively engaging in order to provide answers to the question of many progressive companies: What can we do? We work directly with corporations keen to find out more about the benefits of renewable energy for their own operations, and help them take their first steps in procuring green power.

Corporate investment is still niche, but it is a growing market for the renewable energy sector, and it is clear that WindMade will accelerate this trend. Already now, our members invest in own-generation installations, equity shares in projects, and in long-term PPAs.

For companies, talking about these efforts can substantially improve their corporate reputation. Marketing directors are starting to understand that, and that credible labels have the ability to capture and retain consumer attention. As a result, WindMade resonates with corporate sustainability, branding and marketing directors alike.

But of course, we must not forget what WindMade and its members can do for the overall image of wind power. Although there are of course many challenges facing the industry, public acceptance remains a key issue. WindMade is an innovative approach to addressing this problem, by bringing wind power directly to the consumer in a tangible and proactive way. This will foster positive associations in a way that beats all traditional marketing and communications efforts.

All this makes WindMade the right initiative at the right time. Our aim is to firmly establish renewables as a mainstream source in the corporate energy mix, with the support of visionary thinkers within the renewable energy sector and the wider corporate sustainability world.

After all, consumers and corporates deserve to have the choice to contribute to the renewable energy revolution, each in their own way, with or without an international climate agreement.

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