Minister: Greece needs renewables in time of austerity

» By | Published 19 Jun 2012

“At a time of austerity, Greek citizens cannot afford to support practices which prolong energy dependence. The choice of importing oil and gas versus producing renewable energy within the EU, and encouraging clean energy exports among Member States, is obvious”, Greek Energy Minister George Papakonstantinou told Wind Directions magazine recently.
He also rebutted the myth that renewables are expensive, saying it was a view he didn’t share, “especially in regard to proven and tested technologies such as wind and solar PV, whose investment costs have been lowered significantly in the last few years.
“Renewables are a competitive and sustainable energy option; they decrease the need for energy imports, and enhance energy security, along with establishing favourable conditions for sustainable development, and creating new jobs”, the Minister pointed out.
He also voiced his support for 2030 binding renewables targets, as EWEA and the wind energy industry have been calling for.

“The EU has provided the power sector with a very clear trajectory until 2020. I personally believe that an equally clear trajectory to 2030 and beyond should be set, as early as possible, in order to provide the energy sector with the necessary investment stability and predictability”.
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