“Investment in grids will create jobs”, says Danish Energy Minister

» By | Published 17 Apr 2012

Danish Energy Minister Martin Lidegaard

Modernising Europe’s energy infrastructure is “vital” for achieving Europe’s climate and energy targets, Danish Minister Lidegaard told Wind Directions magazine recently.

Huge investments of up to €200 billion by 2020 are needed, but they will contribute to a stable energy supply, a competitive internal market for electricity and help fight climate change, as well as creating jobs, the Climate and Energy Minister said.

The significant size of the investments will require “a new approach” to the way energy infrastructure is regulated and financed, he also said.

Above all, “cross border thinking is essential” for progress on grid infrastructure, as long as national differences are respected.

The Danish government would like to make the maximum progress on the infrastructure issue and draft legislation published last October by the European Commission during its six month EU Presidency, the Minister added:

“Everyone is committed to progress and we therefore hope to mature some of the major issues leaving as few issues open as possible.”

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