Building a wind turbine in less than seven minutes is no easy task

» By | Published 23 Dec 2011

One of the most uplifting wind-power-related videos I’ve seen this year was one shot in Massachusetts that recorded a 1.5 MW onshore turbine being assembled.

Everyone knows assembling a wind turbine is an extremely challenging job. The various components, many of which are huge in size, have to be brought to a site where a foundation has already been prepared with a lot of steel and concrete. The assembly process can involve boats, trucks and an assortment of cranes with different rigging mechanisms. A fence or a safety perimeter has to be established and special attention is paid to overhead cables. After the checklist is reviewed one last time, and the installers are given a final briefing, the assembly finally begins.

It’s a laborious job with special attention paid to the slightest detail. But at the  Massachusetts Water Resources Authority’s DeLauri Sewer Pump Station in Charlestown, a turbine was recently assembled in, wait for it, less than seven minutes.

That’s right, in less than seven minutes. Through the wonders of time lapse photography captured by Jay Groccia of OnSite Studios, you can also marvel at the site of installers erecting the 1.5 MW turbine — a relatively small machine compared to the 3 MW turbines which are becoming the norm these days in Europe — that is expected to generate 3 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year and save MWRA ratepayers €270,000 annually.

You can join in the fun by watching this amazing spectacle, complete with an energetic soundtrack, above or on YouTube.