Green issues on UK election agenda

» By | Published 23 Apr 2010

With the UK elections just around the corner, political battles on everything from health care to jobs are intensifying. So too, according to the Guardian’s correspondent George Monbiot, is debate on green issues.

Moreover, he notes a welcome shift: High-ranking politicians finally have a depth of knowledge about climate change and the environment that goes beyond superficial platitudes on saving the planet. “The bumbling amateurs of yesteryear have been replaced by serious-minded geeks,” Monbiot says in a Guardian article.

And wind energy is an integral part of this debate.

Monbiot notes that at a pre-election hustings, Ed Miliband, UK Secretary of State for energy and climate change, and Greg Clark, shadow energy and climate change secretary, didn’t hesitate over the benefits of wind power, they simply debated an administrative issue: whether or not new wind farms should be approved locally or by central government.

As plans for new wind farms in the seas surrounding the UK take shape, it surely is good news for wind energy and our planet that climate change is no longer a token election issue.  

For the British Wind Energy Association’s election manifeso, click here.

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