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Delegates are invited to meet and discuss with the poster presenters during the poster presentation sessions between 10:30-11:30 and 16:00-17:00 on Thursday, 19 November 2015.

Lead Session Chair:
Stephan Barth, ForWind - Center for Wind Energy Research, Germany
Guy Auger Greensolver, France
Guy AUGER (1) F
(1) Greensolver, PARIS, France

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Presenter's biography

Biographies are supplied directly by presenters at EWEA 2015 and are published here unedited

Guy founded Greensolver in 2008 following six years as Chief Operating Officer at Eolfi, a development company and subsidiary of Veolia. At Eolfi, Guy launched the first investment fund dedicated to wind energy where he was responsible for managing and advising more than €1,5bn of renewable energy assets.

Throughout the course of his career, Guy has worked for a number blue chip companies in financial, sales and marketing roles throughout Europe. He is a Chartered Accountant and a graduate of McGill University and Stanford Executive Education. He is a Canadian national.


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Optimising operations: how portfolio benchmarking can increase operational and financial asset management performance


As European onshore owners and investors move into the long-term operations and maintenance phase (O&M), they face a new and significant challenge – how to optimise the financial and operational performance of wind portfolios.

Overcoming this will prove critical to safeguarding the long-term commercial success of new and existing onshore wind portfolios.


In light of this, Guy Auger, Chief Executive, Greensolver will demonstrate:
- How owners, operators and new equity investors can ensure that their projects are fully optimised and are performing as originally intended.

- What key steps owners can take in order to benefit from the best operations and maintenance service agreement terms offered by manufacturers, third party providers and independent asset managers.

- How owners and operators can ensure that they make the best decisions when looking to optimise and safeguard the long term operational and financial performance of their wind turbine asset portfolio.

- And ultimately, how and why owners and operators must benchmark and compare their asset portfolios, with other key players in the market.

For Guy, the maturity of European wind presents an opportunity to set and drive future asset optimisation best practice.

The challenge for long term wind investment and ownership requires asset managers to facilitate better-informed decisions over the lifetime of a project.

Critically, this increased understanding, holds the key to unlocking future incremental revenue growth via optimal financial and operational performance.

Asset managers must demonstrate to project owners and investors that they can increase project performance and capitalise on the potential of the wind asset.

Indeed, in line with the ISO 55001 investment standard, asset managers must be able to prove continuous improvement in wind portfolio performance.

It is Guy’s view – and one shared by his entire team – that this drive to increase investment efficiencies will prove critical to future onshore wind energy success.

Main body of abstract

At Greensolver, Guy and his team have pioneered a fundamentally new approach to asset management and wind farm portfolio optimisation and performance.

Over the past six years Greensolver has developed a unique portfolio benchmarking tool, known as the Greensolver Index.

The Greensolver Index provides clean energy investors with the ability to evaluate the performance of individual wind turbines not only against other similar turbines in their portfolio but also against other people’s projects that are located throughout Europe.

For investors and owners, this provides, for the very first time, a unique way in which to understand how the performance of their own wind farm portfolios compares with the performance of their competitors and peers.

Having signed a number of high-profile wind energy investors to the index, including CGN and Glennmont in the last 12 months, Greensolver’s benchmarking ability now spans 129 wind farms in France, Spain, Italy, Ireland and the Netherlands, totaling 1.7GW.


- New methods and innovation in asset management affords owners and operators new opportunities to maximise project and portfolio returns

- Treating projects in isolation no longer provides the granularity of information required by investors when assessing return on investment.

- Leveraging benchmarked performance data is not only key to ensuring that existing investors stay interested in clean energy projects, but also that new investors are able to enter the market.

Learning objectives
The above abstract provides the following key learning objectives:
- It demonstrates the importance of being able to model and benchmark clean energy asset portfolio performance

- It provides further guidance on how asset managers, owners and investors can make incremental financial and operational portfolio gains

- It explains why it is imperative to evaluate wind farm portfolios and individual wind turbines if the onshore wind energy market is to continue to attract the interest of new finance and investment in the long-term.