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Thursday, 19 November 2015
17:00 - 18:30 Aerodynamics
Turbine technology  
Onshore      Offshore    

Room: Montmartre

Aerodynamic performance with new designs, modifications on airfoil, simulation and assessment methods.

Learning objectives

  • To identify effects of leading edge modifications on airfoil performance
  • How to design high performance of low lift airfoil families
  • To select new simulation method in aerodynamic design code
  • To better assess aerodynamic loads in wind farms at high wind speeds
  • To assess the difference in aerodynamic characteristics for 2 vs 3 blades rotors on 10MW WTG 
Lead Session Chair:
Peter Eecen, ECN, The Netherlands
Bernard Stoevesandt , Fraunhofer/IWES, Germany
Panagiotis Chaviaropoulos NTUA, Greece
Panagiotis Chaviaropoulos (1) F Giorgos Sieros (2) John Prospathopoulos (1) Konstantinos Diakakis (1) Spyros Voutsinas (1)
(1) NTUA, Athens, Greece (2) CRES, Pikermi, Greece

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Presenter's biography

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Mechanical Engineer with a PhD degree (NTUA 1987). Presently, Senior Research Associate at NTUA. Last twenty years working in the fields of horizontal axis wind turbines aeroelasticity and complex terrain wind field modelling. President of European Academy for Wind Energy (2006-2007). Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the European Wind Energy Conferences EWEC 2007 and EWEC 2008. Vice-Chairman of the European Wind Energy Technology Platform (2007-2012). EAWE Scientific Award 2010.


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