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Delegates are invited to meet and discuss with the poster presenters during the poster presentation sessions between 10:30-11:30 and 16:00-17:00 on Thursday, 19 November 2015.

Lead Session Chair:
Stephan Barth, ForWind - Center for Wind Energy Research, Germany
Carlo Durante eTa Blades , Italy
Durante Carlo (1) F
(1) eLeMeNS, Milan, Italy (2) eTa, Milan, Italy

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Presenter's biography

Biographies are supplied directly by presenters at EWEA 2015 and are published here unedited

20+ years in Energy. Wide experience in strategy, planning, organizational development. Founder and CEO of Maestrale (Wind Energy Developer and operator), 2005 - 2012; Board member of APER, Italian Renewable Energy Association, until 2012. Founder and Board member of eTa Blades (Wind blades manufacturer), Dual Energy (Wind and Solar development / ownwer); eta-G (PV performance improvement solutions); Managing Partner of eLeMeNS (consulting firm focussing on RES / Energy). Energy Transition expert at ISPI, most influential Italian think tank.


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Re-Power, Re-Fit - or Re-blade?


Performance degradation of old wind farms and decreasing incentive tariffs for the new projects across Europe disappoint small independent wind-farmers while at the same time large players target asset consolidation to secure long-term portfolios requiring longer asset life-cycle and enhanced returns. A Re-blading programme using innovative turbine blades represents an efficient solution for the future of obsolete wind power plants and a quicker / more attractive solutions vs. repowering.


Re-blading is both a custom and standard solution: an innovative blade design targeting superior performance through reverse engineering of the original blade and turbine, providing customers with extended asset lifetime and enhanced returns.

Main body of abstract

Operators may opt for several alternatives while attempting to improve asset values: eTa makes available the option to substitute the rotors, key component determining the performance of a wind turbine. Tendency to substitute specific components such as converters, alternators etc. is visible worldwide already for old wind-farms, while the replacement of blades and rotors has only surfaced in case of blade breaks or heavy damages and this is mainly due to the need for manufacturers to develop – and sell – new turbine models. Customers value the performance improvements provided by the new blades: features and pricing mechanisms are based on superior quality, which delivers over-performance. eTa Blades is currently testing in Italy a re-blading programme and will present the results of the tests at the EWEA 2015.


All turbines will need re-blading in the mid-long term. Conservative market value estimates, considering only wind turbines installed at least 12 to 15 years ago at their average substitution cost, account for around 500€mln in Europe only: old farms are mainly concentrated in Spain, with the oldest asset base in operations (6.5 thousand turbines installed before the year 2000), Germany, (4.5 thousand turbines installed before the year 2000) and Italy (1 thousand turbines installed before the year 2000). Re-blading is the key option to be considered for the future of aging wind-farms.

Learning objectives
The possibility to extend wind farms asset lifetime and enhance returns