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Delegates are invited to meet and discuss with the poster presenters during the poster presentation sessions between 10:30-11:30 and 16:00-17:00 on Thursday, 19 November 2015.

Lead Session Chair:
Stephan Barth, ForWind - Center for Wind Energy Research, Germany
Andrey Sogachev DTU , Denmark
Andrey Sogachev (1) F Dalibor Cavar (1) Andreas Bechmann (1) Hans Jorgensen (1)
(1) DTU , Roskilde, Denmark

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Presenter's biography

Biographies are supplied directly by presenters at EWEA 2015 and are published here unedited

Andrey Sogachev is a senior scientist in the Wind Energy Department at DTU. He joined the department in 2008. After graduating from Agricultural Research Institute, St. Petersburg with a Ph.D in physics/mathematics in 1996 he worked in Russia, Germany and Finland. During about 25 years of ABL research he achieved excellent skills in numerical modelling (in Eulerian and Lagrangian frameworks) and became an expert in atmospheric boundary layer processes, with emphasis on interaction between canopy (vegetative and urban) and atmosphere.


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