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Tuesday, 17 November 2015
17:00 - 18:30 Grid integration panel debate

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Integrating wind power into the electricity market  
Onshore      Offshore    

Room: Montparnasse

The aim of this panel session is to debate on the contribution of wind energy in the energy transition in the next decades. This is seen from the angle of the power system and the electricity markets. The panel brings together actors from the industry, TSOs,DSOs and utilities that will present where we stand today in terms of wind integration in the power systems, showcases of high penetration, and perspectives and challenges. The panel will address the role that wind energy can play in the European power system of the future as well as questions that arise in view of very high penetration (up to 100%) scenarios from renewable energy sources.

Learning objectives

  • Information on experiences and current challenges in systems with high wind penetration.
  • Experts view on the role wind energy can play in alternative future energy scenarios for Europe. 
  • Vision of different actors (TSOs, DSOs, utilities…) on future challenges for power systems and electricity markets.
  • Insights by ENTSO-e and EDSO on the European perspective of wind energy in the continent in the next decades.
This session will be chaired by:
George Kariniotakis, Professor, Head of Renewable Energies and Smartgrids Group, Centre PERSEE, MINES ParisTech, France

Jochen Kreusel, Group Senior Vice President and Head of the Smart Grids Sector Initiative, ABB Group, Zurich, Switzerland

Keynote presenters:

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Charlie Smith
Executive Director, Utility Variable-Generation Integration Group, Finland
Status and challenges of wind integration, results of the IEA Wind r&d Task 25

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Gérald Sanchis
Project manager, Coordinator Project e-Highway 2050, RTE France, France
The role of wind energy in the different scenarios developed in the EU project e-highway2050  

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Peder Andreasen
President and CEO, President of Entso-E (from, Denmark), Denmark

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João Torres
Chairman of EDSO for Smart Grids / CEO, EDP Distribuçao, Portugal

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Markus Obergünner
Vice President Asset Management and Innovation, E.ON Deutschland Distribution, E.ON SE

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Gunnar Gröbler
Senior Vice-President, Business Area Wind, Vattenfall, Germany

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Juan Rivier
Head of Markets, Iberdrola Renovables, Spain

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