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Thursday, 19 November 2015
11:30 - 13:00 Wakes: LiDAR measurements, layout optimization and modelling uncertainties

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Room: Montparnasse

The focus of this session is on wind turbine wakes. Two studies deal with measurement of the wake wind field using LiDARs, and subsequently verifying them against reference instruments. One study deals with wind farm layout optimization in a complex terrain, where the wake wind field is generated using CFD tools. One study deals with providing a framework for evaluating wake models uncertainties, and subsequently their influence on the predicted wind turbine power in wakes.

Learning objectives

  • The importance of evaluating the uncertainty of the estimated wind speed in wakes using measurements from a Doppler LiDAR, with an example of how to do it under different atmospheric conditions
  • How a 3D wake wind field looks like from LiDAR measurements, potentially paving the way for its subsequent use in wake tracking and model parameterization
  • How CFD wake results in complex terrain can be combined with layout optimization techniques, potentially being applicable to wind farm design
  • A framework for wind farm flow model validation, where it is demonstrated how uncertainties in input variables propagate into resulting uncertainties in predicted wind turbine power in wakes
This session will be chaired by:
Ameya Sathe, PostDoc Researcher, DTU Wind Energy, Denmark

Mike Courtney
Senior Researcher, DTU Wind Energy, Denmark
LiDAR Calibration – What’s the problem?  

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Abstract ID: 286
Hugo Herrmann
Offshore Wind Research Engineer, EDF Energy R&D UK Centre, United Kingdom
Evaluation of wind speed uncertainty estimated with a scanning Doppler LiDAR inside and outside the wake of a turbine

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Abstract ID: 414
Hauke Beck
Research assistant, ForWind - University of Oldenburg , Germany
Volumetric wind field measurements of wind turbine wakes with long range lidar

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Abstract ID: 248 science & research
Juan Pablo Murcia
PhD student, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Uncertainty of Power Production Predictions of Stationary Wind Farm Models

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Abstract ID: 287 science & research
Jonas Schmidt
Researcher, Fraunhofer IWES, Germany
Wind farm layout optimization in complex terrain with CFD wakes

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