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Wednesday, 18 November 2015
11:30 - 13:00 Wind power supporting the grid

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Integrating wind power into the electricity market  
Onshore      Offshore    

Room: Belleville

The aim of the session is to present advances on techniques that permit to wind farms to support the grid both in terms of frequency and voltage.  The ability to provide such services is one of the challenges today for increasing wind penetration. The session addresses also the potential of increasing wind penetration when considering smart grid problematics.

Learning objectives

  • Advances in techniques enabling wind turbines to comply with emerging grid codes for system services
  • Insight to the possibility offered by wind farms to contribute to frequency control
  • Advances in voltage management in grids with high wind penetration
  • How the control capabilities of wind farms can be used to mitigate any negative impacts on grid stability
  • How to increase wind penetration considering complementarity with demand with focus on electric vehicles
This session will be chaired by:
Alfredo Parres, Head of Wind Industry Sector Initiative, ABB Group, Spain

George Kariniotakis, Professor, Centre for Processes, Renewable Energies and Energy Systems (PERSEE), MINES Paris Tech, France

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Ervin Bossanyi
Senor Principal Researcher, DNV GL, United Kingdom
Generic grid frequency response capability for wind power plant

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Kevin Johnstone
PhD Researcher, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom
The impact of post-fault active power recovery ramp rates of wind turbines on transient stability in Great Britain

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Laurent Fournié
Vice President, Energy Division, Artelys, France
100% ENR  

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