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Wednesday, 18 November 2015
17:00 - 18:30 Annual energy production - let's get it right!

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Resource assessment  
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Room: Montparnasse

To improve investor confidence in our energy yield assessments it’s vital that we can demonstrate improvements in the accuracy of our predictions. Only through doing this will be able to access cheaper sources of capital which will in turn reduce the cost of energy.

Learning objectives

  • Identification of the errors in the model chain.
  • How using multiple models can improve prediction accuracy.
  • How to use vertical extrapolation models in combination with long term correlation techniques.
  • Using the due diligence process to add project value.
This session will be chaired by:
Mike Anderson, CTO, RES Ltd.

Abstract ID: 363
Claude Abiven
Senior Technical Adviser, Natural Power, France
Using multiple models to improve wind speed prediction

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Abstract ID: 197
Olivier Coupiac
Wind assessment engineer, Maia Eolis, France
Vertical extrapolation methods - a comparative study

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Bjarke Tobias Olsen
Ph.D. Student, Technical University of Denmark, DTU, Denmark
Simulating wind energy resources with mesoscale models: Intercomparison of state-of-the-art models

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Lars Landberg
Director, Director, Strategic Research and Innovation, Renewables, DNV-GL, Denmark
How the due diligence process adds to project value  

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